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 Shadduli Center shares the teachings of the late spiritual Sufi leader Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Said al-Jamal ar-RifaI ash-Shadhuli, known affectionately all over the world as Sidi, and aims to spread his message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, and Freedom for all people.

The Basic Membership is for the spiritual traveler who wants to learn about Sufism and Sidi al-Jamal while beginning to walk the path to Allah. This is also a good option for someone looking to keep an ongoing connection with the Shaikh and receive Sidi’s teachings at an amazing value.

The Standard Membership is for the experienced spiritual traveler looking to maintain and deepen a connection with Sidi. A spiritual treasure trove awaits this seeker. Can’t you hear Sidi saying: “Take your chance!”

Basic Membership Includes:

In this 10-20 minute video, watch as Sidi delivers a powerful Sufi  teaching and transmits spiritual qualities, such as: Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Healing, and Divine Mercy.

Deepen your understanding by watching the accompanying video commentary. Offered by students who spent a great deal of time with Sidi, these videos are filled with wisdom and understanding gleaned from many years of study.

Each month you will receive 1 recording of a teaching Sidi gave to a select group of students in the 1970s and 1980s in the United Kingdom. These audio teachings are precious gems, unlike anything else you’ve heard from Sidi.

You will also receive a transcript of the teaching so that you can read along while you listen. This greatly enhances comprehension and can significantly deepen your experience.

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Two convenient purchase plans to fit any budget

Standard Membership Includes Basic Membership PLUS:

Truths of a Sufi Master

Truths from a Sufi Master Video Compilation

Watch as Sidi delivers 3 powerful Sufi teachings and transmits spiritual qualities, such as: Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Healing, and Divine Mercy. Together, these 3 teachings combine to create one complete teaching that includes an introduction, a reading from one of Sidi’s books, and Sidi’s commentary on that reading. Teachings topics include: Divine Love, Divine Names, Hajj (Pilgrimage), Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power), Tawba, and more.

Firaz al-Qazzaz

Dhikr by Firaz al-Qazzaz, the Muezzin of al-Aqsa Mosque

Experience dhikr with the premier muezzin in the Holy Land, Firaz al-Qazzaz. A master of Quranic recitation, Firaz al-Qazzaz will lead us in a dhikr or offer one Quranic recitation each month.

Sidi Vault - Exclusive Audio video commentary

Commentary on Audio from “The Vault of Sidi al-Jamal” 

Faculty from the USHS staff and senior Sufi teachers are contributing to our body of knowledge by providing commentaries on the Tapes from the Vault. We are all approaching these teachings for the first time, and we can all benefit from the insights of experienced fellow-travelers on the path. Each commentary is at least 10 minutes long. Commentators include: Dr. Wadude Laird, Amany Shalaby, Dr. Rahima Schmall, Nazahah Reyes, and more.

Qualities Teaching

Qualities Teaching & Dhikr

This offering comes directly from the hearts of long-time Sufi teachers and community leaders around the country. Each month you will receive 1 audio recording of an experienced teacher leading dhikr on a Divine Name. The teacher will also read what Sidi has written about that Name and may offer added insights. These transmissions and guided dhikrs are an opportunity to benefit from teachers who are not from your local area. Teachers include: Mary Halima Fleming, Zahra Carol Lee, and more.


Monthly Question & Answer Session

Each month you will have the opportunity to have your Sufi questions answered by top Sufi teachers, either in writing or on a conference call. The timing of this event will be communicated by email with at least 1 week’s notice.

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Two convenient purchase plans to fit any budget