Shaykh Muhammad Sa‘id al-Jamal was a distinguished person of international stature. For forty years he had lived in the Holy City of Jerusalem and worked consistently with great patience to keep the peace between the people there.

Sidi Al Jamal22He began his career at a very young age as an uncompromising man of God, who had no fear of anyone but God, and because of this took a stand facing governments any time they tried to overlook God in their actions or disrespected people’s right to worship God. Being a judge of the courts, he was a government employee, at the same time that he gave weekly sermons in al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. He has been the spiritual counselor to the people of the Holy Land and to all those who have visited over the past forty years and had given his life as a sacrifice to this work.

In the last years of his life, he made monthly journeys all over the Holy Land to help the poor and to make sure that everyone had food and clothing. There were always lines of people at his home and at his office because they know that they could find real help from him.

The Shaykh opened a Sufi Center in an old building on the road to Jericho which holds the Prophet Moses’ tomb, may the peace and blessings of God be with him. This center became the head of the Sufi operations of aid. It has also been used to rehabilitate drug users and dealers.